TSFW (Totally Safe for Work)

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.
— Maya Angelou
SFW outfit ideas ASOS check boyfriend peg pant

Happy Thursday, loves!

Today I'm serving up a look that's TSFW (totally safe for work), or maybe I should say TSFMW (totally safe for most work) as I realize there are zillions of different jobs out there with zillions of different dress codes, but you get the point.

Working in an office can be tough. It's repetitive, for one, there's corporate policy and dress codes to be followed, and in some instances there might not be much room for creativity or self expression. Thankfully I work for a company with a verrry relaxed dress code, but my specific role is definitely lacking in the creative/self expression department. As silly as it sounds, my love for fashion actually grew because of this. I needed to get my daily creative fix from somewhere and that's when I started becoming more mindful and creative when getting dressed in the morning. Rather than just throwing on any old thing and calling it a day, every outfit I put together became my own little creative project. Sooner than later this became habit and I began realizing I was feeling happier, more confident, and actually more in tune with myself as a result. 

I believe it's important to insert yourself into every day, fully. We weren't born just to survive. We weren't born just to follow rules and run the hamster wheel. So, thrive. Create something. Be. In whatever circumstance you find yourself, in whatever way that means to you. Whether it's putting on an outfit that makes you feel connected to yourself, or writing three pages of stream of consciousness every morning, or running three miles every day. Thrive, create, be.

Now, let's talk about the outfit <<steps off soapbox>> - I love these trousers and find the plaid pattern to be a great alternative to the typical black work pant. Also, they're super comfortable, which is a big win in my book when it comes to work attire. I styled the look with a black mockneck top and a pair of patent leather booties, and accessorized with a leather jacket, aviators, and white bag to add a little pop. The best part is it's TSFW ;)

Go on and thrive with your bad self. 


SFW outfit ideas ASOS boyfriend peg pant
SFW outfit ideas with edge
SFW outfit ideas with edge ASOS check boyfriend peg pant
SFW outfit ideas work attire
BB Dakota Leather jacket ASOS check boyfriend peg pants
BB Dakota leather jacket Forever21 Pebbled Faux Leather Crossbody

Dressed In:

| Trousers: ASOS | Top: Topshop | Moto Jacket: BB Dakota | Bag: Forever 21 | Patent Leather Bootie: Zara (sold out) similar options here and here | Sunnies: Urban Outfitters