On Dresses and Being Who & What You Want

A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.
— Coco Chanel

I'm writing this post from above the clouds as I fly back to NYC after five days away in Puerto Vallarta with my boo. (Slowly easing myself back into reality here.) It was really nice to trade the city streets for tropical beaches for a bit, where the biggest stress was dealing with overly sun-kissed cheeks after a nap on the beach sans sunscreen. As we took our last walk on the beach, and I felt the warm sun soak into my skin while the ocean water moved between my toes, I reallyyyy didn't want to leave, but as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. Sigh. I plan on putting together a vacay wrap-up post though, so more on this trip coming soon!

Okay, let's get down to business - onto the outfit. As I launch this post, it's currently 75 degrees in NYC - not too shabby for early March. Temps will drop and rise again and again as we approach spring, and while the weather figures its shit out, lightweight dresses will become your BFF. Dresses are great because it's so easy to add or remove any layers that fit your fancy, depending on March's meteorological mood that day. I really love this particular dress because not only is it lightweight, but it also has a fun floral pattern and slits near the leg, which works great when transitioning to warmer temps!

A piece of advice on dresses - just because it's a dress, an article of clothing so closely associated with femininity, does not mean it needs to be styled in a "girly-girl" way. I tend to agree with Ms. Chanel, and feel that women should live life on their terms, and only ever be who and what they want to be. If that means dresses with a pink lip and pearls - all for it. If that means dresses with tomboy flair and a beanie on your head - clearly, I support this as well. As you're reading this you might be thinking, "Well, duh. It's 2016 women are free to wear what they want," but as you consume different media you'll notice there's a lot of outfit and women shaming going on, with lots of opinions on what women should and shouldn't be doing. Don't listen to those people. Listen to yourself.

As with all things in life, make sure you're living on no one else's terms but your own. It's your happiness, at the end of the day - your imprint you're making on the world - and no one is going to know how to do that better than you.

Be who & what you want.



Photography by Justin Duplantis

Dressed In:

| Dress: H&M | Faux Fur: Missguided (sold out - similar) | Bootie: Zara (sold out - similar) | Bag: Coach (sold out - similar style here, other option here) | Beanie: Urban Outfitters | Waist Belt: Vintage (similar) | Sunnies: Ray-Ban |

Saved by the Bell (Bottom)

If you follow the classical pattern, you are understanding the routine, the tradition, the shadow β€” you are not understanding yourself.
— Bruce Lee, 'Tao of Jeet Kune Do'

Has anyone else reached the point, this winter, of being tired of their skinny jeans? Because I have. Don't get me wrong, I have lots of love for the skinny jean, but it's beginning to feel like every day is some, slightly different version of the same thing - black skinnies, off-black skinnies, busted knee skinnies, destroyed blue denim skinnies, etc., etc.. I often consider a skirt, but then my legs are like, "Ohh, you're cute, but I hope you're kidding. It's freezing," and I'm like, "TouchΓ©," and begin to begrudgingly dig through my skinny jeans once again.

While digging through my jean drawer the other morning I happened upon my bell-bottoms that I purchased over a year ago while they were suuuper on sale at Urban Outfitters. As a Spice Girl lovin' 90's kid, and an Abercrombie wearing early 2000's teen, I grew up in bell-bottoms (a.k.a. "flares") so these jeans, and this trend, hold a special place in my heart. However, these bells categorize under a sector of my clothing I refer to as, The Forgotten Ones. 

The Forgotten Ones are simply clothing or shoes I have bought in the past and since forgotten I owned. Discovering The Forgotten Ones at the bottom of my drawer, or tucked in my closet, elicit a feeling similar to finding $20 in your winter coat from last year. It's like you just shopped for something new without the hassle, without waiting on shipping, and most importantly, without spending a dime! The best.

However, when discussing The Forgotten Ones, it's important to mention how they came to be forgotten in the first place. In life we form habits. We keep go-to jeans on rotation, have similar routines each morning, take similar routes to the office every day. Routine is good. Routine keeps us organized and gives us direction. However, routine also makes us feel like every day is some, slightly different version of the same thing - just like my, aforementioned, slightly varying skinny jean rotation. Routine creates monotony, and in extreme cases, puts you on autopilot so you're no longer truly present and just going through the motions. Studies have shown that it can take a minimum of 21 days, on average, to break a habit, so it's no wonder why a new pair of jeans goes forgotten after a couple wears, or why we travel down the same roads to work every day. 

In the spirit of breaking up monotony, and in honor of The Forgotten Ones everywhere, I decided to style my outfit around my rediscovered bell-bottoms. I styled the look with a black, long-sleeve, plunging v-neck bodysuit, and spiced things up with my leopard faux fur. A leopard's fur might help them camouflage with their grassland habitat, but in the concrete jungle, a leopard faux is guaranteed to make you stand out and is also a great way to switch up your typical winter coat. In another effort to combat monotony, you'll notice I switched up the style of my pictures for this week and played around with my Fujifilm Instax Instant Camera to help capture the vibe I was going for with this look.

Disrupt the monotonous. 


polaroid picture retro style leopard faux fur
retro style leopard faux fur bell-bottoms
retro style leopard faux fur bell-bottoms
polaroid picture retro style leopard faux fur
baublebar cowgirl cuff
retro style deep-v black bodysuit bell-bottoms
retro style blue junes
polaroid picture retro style deep-v black bodysuit
retro style deep-v black bodysuit

Dressed In:

| Leopard Faux Fur Coat: Zara (similar options here, here, here, and here) | Plunging Body Suit: BooHoo, Shopbop | High-waisted Bell Bottoms: J Brand, M.i.h Jeans | Sunnies: Ray-Ban | Braided Belt: here & here | Platform Boots: Topshop, BooHoo | Necklace: purchased during my trip to the Bahamas, similar here | Choker: Revolve Clothing | Cuff: Bauble Bar (sold out - similar) |

Cozy and Casual

Happy Monday!

For my outfit inspiration this week I'm dressed cozy and casual, in an oversized sweater and leather joggers. Can we offer a quick moment of gratitude for the feeling of comfort that oversized sweaters and joggers provide? An oversized sweater is basically the closest you can get to leaving the house snuggled in a big blanket, and leather joggers are the fashionable excuse for sweatpants in public. So thank you, fashion gods, for considering fashionable comfort after creating things like six inch stilettos, skinny jeans, and pantyhose!

The oversized sweater I'm wearing has a built in undershirt to create the look of layers, and it also helps break up the black in my sweater and pants. If you're like me, someone who likes to wear a lot of black, I recommend mixing different fabrics to create contrast like I did with the knit top and leather bottoms. I accessorized this look with my Scala Pronto Slouchy Beret, which has become a cold weather staple because it provides warmth without making me look like one of the bundled up kids from A Christmas Story. I also have to mention that this particular knit is made very well. I've owned slouchy berets in the past that essentially end up slouching off my head, but that's not the case with this one! For shoes I'm rocking my snake print booties, that I'm currently obsessed with. Any bootie, or shoe, with a print like this instantly makes whatever you're wearing more interesting. It's also a nice diversion from the typical black bootie I wear on the reg, yet still neutral enough in color to go with most outfits.

December is here and I couldn't be more excited - like Buddy the Elf excited - because I genuinely love Christmas and the holiday season. The boo and I finished decorating our very first tree together last night, and although we're still in the process of decorating and getting settled in our new apartment (longest process everr), there's something about that twinkling evergreen that instantly makes our apartment feel like home. I will be posting some holiday outfits and gifting inspiration throughout the month so stay tuned, but in the meanwhile...

Stay cozy! Here's to a great week :)


casual outfit
Scala Pronto Slouchy Beret
snake print booties
IMG_0646 copy.jpg

Dressed In:

Sweater: H&M (only listed in dark teal online, but it's available in black at the store!)
Leather Joggers: Zara (sold out) - similar here, here, and here
Booties: French Connection (sold out) - similar here and here
Sunnies: Elizabeth and James
Slouchy Beret:  Scala Pronto Slouchy Beret
Bag: Forever 21 (sold out) - similar here & here
Rings: Similar