Summer White Out

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
— Leonardo Da Vinci

Happy Thursday, babes!

Today I am tackling the age old crisis we women run into time and time again: nothing to wear. The men in our lives don't understand it, and sometimes we can't quite figure out ourselves how our closets are at capacity and our drawers are about to burst, yet we have nothing to wear. For me, this dilemma used to end with half my wardrobe on my floor after I tazmanian devil'd my way through all my clothes, anyone else? However, I am happy to say I have found a solution and am about to let you in on my little secret:

Wear all white.

Or all black. The point is, choose one or the other and wear it from head to toe. Then, once you're dressed, have fun styling! For my all white look this week I cuffed my skinnies and tied up my muscle tank to show a little skin and break up all the white. I then added some fun accessories to spice up the look with my safari hat by Callanan and grey pebble leather bag by GiGi New York. The best part about dressing in all white (or black) is you look chic and effortless while saving yourself the time and madness of digging through your whole wardrobe.

Just like in life, sometimes the simplest answer is the best answer. We over complicate. Over think. Make simple moments into complex dilemmas. We apply all this pressure to get it "right", whatever that means anyway. But the reality is, most times, good enough is pretty great. 

K.I.S.Ses (Keep It Simple, Sillies)!


Dressed In:

Hat: Callanan Safari Hat | Top: H&M (similar) | Jeans: H&M (similar) | Bag: GiGi New York | Shoes: Steven by Steve Madden | Cuff Bracelets: BaubleBar and Similar