Simplify, Simplify x The Winter Uniform

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.
— Albert Einstein

I remember hearing somewhere once that Albert Einstein used to own several variations of the same gray suit so he wouldn't waste his brainpower, or time, determining what to wear in the morning. Simplifying the daily routine of getting dressed allowed him more brain space to discover simple things like, oh you know, the theory of relativity. Since then, not only have modern day geniuses like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg followed suit, but fashion icons as well - i.e fashion publicist, Kelly Cutrone, and her staple, yet varying, all black look, and designer, Michael Kors, with his consistently crisp black shirt under a black blazer.

To some degree, getting dressed is an art form to me - coloring my body to match what my insides feel that day - so while I can't foresee myself developing a daily uniform on the reg (just the idea of this is already making me cringe), I can totally understand its value. Think of all the time we waste figuring out what to wear. I, for one, can admit it's made me late on more than one (okay, more than several) occasions. And, okay, I'm going to just say it: sometimes it's really not that important. It's an outfit. Tomorrow, and maybe even later that same day, will be another one.

This idea of eliminating the daily debate of what to wear has always stood out to me, and eventually I learned how to incorporate it in a way that works for me: on the days I'm in a rush, on the days it's just not that important, on the days I want to save all brain space for my creativity - I default to uniform. The uniform varies depending on season, but it's always simple. As of late, with winter finally making its entrance in NYC, the uniform has been black skinnies, a turtleneck sweater, and booties. Simple and warm! Also, some pieces work their way into a uniform just by my sheer obsession with them i.e. the Alchemy Safari hat by Brooklyn Hat Company that I can't stop wearing. It keeps me warm during the winter and will be the perfect accessory come music festival season in the spring/summer. 

Simplify. Simplify.


sweater jeans and hat

Dressed In:

| Coat: Buffalo David Bitton | Sweater: American Eagle (SALE!) | Jeans: Zara (other option here) | Hat: Brooklyn Hat Co. (available Spring/Summer '16 - similar here, here & here) | Sunnies: Ray-Ban | Booties: ASOS (sold out) - similar here | Belt: H&M |