On Letting Go

In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.
— Buddha

Happy first day of fall!

My last post was about transitions, the space between, and how September has always been a transitional month. Welp, considering that post was over two weeks ago, and I haven't posted since, I figured I would let you know it has been quite the bumpy transition. 

My current lease ends at the end of this month, so the boo and I have been searching for an apartment. By the second week in the month we found a place that we fell in love with; it checked all of our boxes and was below our desired budget, which is like hitting the jackpot in the world of NYC rentals. WIN! We put in our applications, got approved, and BAM - in comes the flying monkey wrench right before lease signing: the neighbor has offered to buy the unit we were approved to rent, and the owner likes said offer. I hadn't even begun to decorate, and yet they still managed to pull the rug right from under us. 

We were devastated. So many things felt right about this apartment that we really couldn't believe it wasn't going to happen. I spent the next fews days feeling like I couldn't take a deep breath because of all the stress, and then finally it occurred to me: despite how right this apartment felt, it wasn't meant to be. As silly and cliché as it might sound, that simple realization helped me feel so much lighter. It wasn't meant to be, and it was out of our control; there was no reason to continue to carry it around.

I share this story not just to fill you in on my September saga, and what a nightmare looking for apartments in NYC can be, but because it makes me think of all the things we carry that we need to let go: fear, shame, jobs we hate, relationships we've outgrown, clutter in our homes, clothes we don't wear in our closets. The more we carry what is no longer meant for us, the less room we have for what's waiting to emerge. So let go. There is something better waiting for you, if you allow yourself the room to receive it.

September might teach us about transitions, but I've come to realize fall teaches us about letting go. Just as the branches must let go of their leaves, we too must let go of the things no longer meant for us. 

For my outfit inspiration this week I’m letting go of the classic, conventional idea of professional wear by mixing this business casual blazer, with a black mini skirt and shining, rose gold, cap-toe sneaks that I can’t. stop. wearing.

Here's to a transformative fall. Let it go. (Go ahead, and sing it. I know you want to )




Chloe K Silk Blazer (old) - similar here, here, & here
White Top - similar here, here & here  
Guess Mini Skirt (old) - similar here, here, & here 
Forever 21 Choker 
H&M Fringe Bag
Aldo Sunnies - similar here, here, & here
Aldo Rose Gold Cap Toe Sneaks