On Dresses and Being Who & What You Want

A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.
— Coco Chanel

I'm writing this post from above the clouds as I fly back to NYC after five days away in Puerto Vallarta with my boo. (Slowly easing myself back into reality here.) It was really nice to trade the city streets for tropical beaches for a bit, where the biggest stress was dealing with overly sun-kissed cheeks after a nap on the beach sans sunscreen. As we took our last walk on the beach, and I felt the warm sun soak into my skin while the ocean water moved between my toes, I reallyyyy didn't want to leave, but as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. Sigh. I plan on putting together a vacay wrap-up post though, so more on this trip coming soon!

Okay, let's get down to business - onto the outfit. As I launch this post, it's currently 75 degrees in NYC - not too shabby for early March. Temps will drop and rise again and again as we approach spring, and while the weather figures its shit out, lightweight dresses will become your BFF. Dresses are great because it's so easy to add or remove any layers that fit your fancy, depending on March's meteorological mood that day. I really love this particular dress because not only is it lightweight, but it also has a fun floral pattern and slits near the leg, which works great when transitioning to warmer temps!

A piece of advice on dresses - just because it's a dress, an article of clothing so closely associated with femininity, does not mean it needs to be styled in a "girly-girl" way. I tend to agree with Ms. Chanel, and feel that women should live life on their terms, and only ever be who and what they want to be. If that means dresses with a pink lip and pearls - all for it. If that means dresses with tomboy flair and a beanie on your head - clearly, I support this as well. As you're reading this you might be thinking, "Well, duh. It's 2016 women are free to wear what they want," but as you consume different media you'll notice there's a lot of outfit and women shaming going on, with lots of opinions on what women should and shouldn't be doing. Don't listen to those people. Listen to yourself.

As with all things in life, make sure you're living on no one else's terms but your own. It's your happiness, at the end of the day - your imprint you're making on the world - and no one is going to know how to do that better than you.

Be who & what you want.



Photography by Justin Duplantis

Dressed In:

| Dress: H&M | Faux Fur: Missguided (sold out - similar) | Bootie: Zara (sold out - similar) | Bag: Coach (sold out - similar style here, other option here) | Beanie: Urban Outfitters | Waist Belt: Vintage (similar) | Sunnies: Ray-Ban |