Let Freedom Ring x Fourth of July Outfit Inspiration

Ahh, there's nothing I love more than a short summer week that leads to a long summer weekend. So, in honor of The Fourth of July and the long weekend approaching us, I put together a red, white, and blue look perfect for this star spangled weekend.

Before we begin getting dressed all fab to enjoy barbecues, the beach, or fireworks from a rooftop, it's important to remember the real reason we're celebrating - freedom. It's something we're so accustomed to that it's easy to take for granted, but when you stop to think about it, so much of who we are is owed to our right to be free: the freedom to choose, to express, to learn, to create art, to wear whatever we want to wear, to be whoever we want to be. Not all people outside of this country are so lucky.

When discussing freedom, I have to acknowledge the latest freedom won by America: the freedom to love! The freedom to marry, regardless of gender, in any American state you choose. LOVE WON. And now, not only do we have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, we ALL have the right to love! I'm so proud of you, America. 

Here's to a firecrackin' 4th - let freedom ring!



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