The Journey to Our Dreams

i think therefore i dress thoughts

Happy Sunday, light chasers!

As you reach the end of your weekend and get ready to kick off a new week, I wanted to talk a little bit about the journey to our dreams.

In a society where you're taught hard work pays off, it's sometimes difficult to open yourself up to the unknown, and not always work so hard to make something happen or for a desired end result.

I got to thinking the other day -- what if you don't lead the journey? What if you trust, and let the journey lead you? 

This might sound counterintuitive to many things you've been taught about taking control of your life, and I'm not proposing you sit in the passenger seat of your life and expect great things to magically happen, but if you are constantly controlling the journey you can only go where you already know: the old doors, the old paths. If you trust the unknown, and allow the journey to lead you, this is where true discovery happens. New paths emerge and doors you didn't know existed open. If you are controlling every turn, bump and twist it leaves no room for possibility. 

So let go. 

Trust the journey won't fail you, and follow its path. You might be pleasantly surprised where you end up. 

Have a beautiful week. Enjoy the journey.