Valentine's Day Rant & Quotes on Looove

Ya know what bothers me? When people give Valentine's Day flack. I get it; it's a Hallmark holiday, and by partaking in the festivities you're succumbing to the Powers That Be at Commercial Holidays Inc., but the true essence of this holiday is love, and I really don't find anything wrong with designating a day to celebrate, and acknowledge, such a beautiful thing as that.

Don't let this holiday be limited strictly to romantic duos. It's a day about LOVE, people, so use it to reflect on, and celebrate, all the love you have in your life (whether it be a boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, parent, sibling, bestie, or furfriend). Let those who enrich your world, and you couldn't live without, know they are loved.

Also, while you're off showing love to the amazing people in your life, don't forget to love yourself, too. Why is it sometimes easier to love others, than it is to love ourselves? To tell others they're beautiful and brilliant, but when we look in the mirror, or at our work, we're our harshest critic?

Let's be nice to ourselves. Let's love who we are and how we were made. Because the way you love yourself, is how the world will love you back.

By now, I think you guys are beginning to catch on that I'm a sucker  for quotes. So, in the name of loooove (cue Diana Ross and The Supremes) and Valentine's Day, I listed some of my favorite quotes below about love: romantic love, self love, friend love, fam love... you get it. 

love deep.