The Lonely Blazer

I was standing on one of those dreaded never ending lines at Forever 21, waiting to pay for an arm full of clothing, when I spotted this over-sized blazer/thing. It was the only one of its kind, hanging all alone in the men's section. It was as if someone had recently made the decision not to purchase it, and hung it on any old rack to get it off their hands. 

When I spotted this abandoned blazer I was instantly inspired by it, as about five different outfit ideas ran though my head.

(TIP: if you're ever debating whether or not a statement piece is worth the buy, try to think of at least three different ways you would wear it so it doesn't sit in your closet after just one wear).

Maybe it was the 90's inspired aztec vibe it was giving me, or the fact it kinda reminded me of one of those Baja jackets I owned once - I'm not sure. Before I knew it, I was asking the girl behind me (who was involved in, what seemed to be, a very passionate Instagram scroll), if she could hold my place in line as I rescued the lonely blazer. 

And what do ya know? It was just my size. A match made in fashion heaven.

With fashion, I abide by the principle of not caring what other people think; if I like it, I wear it. I don't care if it's from this season or last season, and I certainly don't allow Labor Day to tell me when I can, or cannot, wear white. However, you know where it's a little more difficult for me to subscribe to this N.F.G (no fxcks given) policy? Life. 

I'll admit it: it's a real struggle. I'm a bit of an over-thinker, and when I put myself out there, creatively, and in a truthful way, I do worry how it will be received. Is it good enough? Will people like it? Will people get me? I'm divulging this to you guys because I don't think I'm alone. I think we are all, to a degree, our worst critics. 

The truth is, you have no choice but to be you, because that's all you've got. It doesn't matter if everyone likes you, or gets you. All that matters is that you are expressing the self enough to know, learn, and understand who you are. And maybe many people will get you, and love you, or maybe just one, but really all you need is one, to pick you off the out of place rack, and make you feel like you belong.

To the lonely blazer.



Dressed In:

| Forever 21 Turtleneck | Forever 21 Blazer | H&M Leather Pants | Urban Outfitters Panama Hat |  
| Aldo Booties |