Run the Risk, Reap the Reward

Fear and comfort: the two things that keep us from getting anywhere worth getting to. You can’t grow if you continuously stick to what’s comfortable. So do yourself a favor - step outside your comfort zone and find what else is waiting to be part of your adventure.

For my outfit inspiration this week, I’m running from what’s comfortable in a cheetah-print dress with a plunging back for a casual day or night out. 

Take a risk. Run towards what scares you. Chances are, that’s where you’re meant to be. 



Fall in NYC has been nothing short of gorgeous with temps ranging from 65 - 80 degrees. I am certainly not complaining. However, it can get a little confusing how to dress when it feels like summer in October. The dress I’m wearing is actually a summer item I scored on clearance from LF’s end of season sale (only $24!). To make it more “fall appropriate” I paired it with moto boots and a leather jacket (pictured further down).

I am not really a fan of long necklaces, but lately I’ve been into tucking them underneath a scoop-neck top or dress. 

Dressed In: LF Dress | Biker Boots (similar) | Sunnies ($6 from an NYC street fair, find similar here) | Wrap Necklace (similar) | MK Watch | Fringe Bag (similar) | Fresh Paint Polish “Spruce Street” | Midi Rings (similar)