Be Always Blooming

Happy Sunday, Fashionistas! As the weekend nears its end, I wanted to leave you with some outfit inspiration to kick off the week ahead.

The chilly temps have officially moved on in, here in NYC, and while there aren't many things I particularly like about the cold weather, I do LOVE the fashion and all the accessorizing it allows for. Hats, thigh-highs, and boots - OH MY!

For my outfit this week, I paired a rose patterned babydoll dress, with black thigh-highs, platform boots and my favorite black hat. If it's extra chilly out, black sheer tights can be worn underneath your thigh-highs for added warmth.

In the spirit of this soulful Sunday, and the roses on my dress, I will leave you with one last thought:

Be always blooming. 

It's so important to continuously dig inside yourself and check-in: What makes you happy? What do you love? What do you desire from life? As you dig and discover the seeds, or answers to these questions, begin incorporating them into your life. Water them. Allow them to grow. For this is the food your soul requires in order to bloom into who you're meant to be.

Be always blooming.



Dressed In: 

| Urban Outfitters Hat Forever 21 Dress H&M Thigh-Highs (similar) H&M Platform Boots H&M Fringe Bag (similar) |