Dressing is an Art (basic bitch style)

Mr. Galliano said it best:

For me, getting dressed isn’t just about putting on clothes to cover my naked body. For me, getting dressed is another way to express myself and be creative. No matter how mundane my day is about to be, I feel better knowing I created a little piece of art before I left my apartment.

Say what you want about those basic bitches, but I absolutely love basic pieces. They’re some of my favorite items to wear and a vital tool when crafting an outfit. Basic pieces (much like basic bitches) remind me of a blank canvas - appearing boring and bare waiting to come alive. Just as an artist applies different colors and brushstrokes to convey a style or feeling, the dresser must apply jewelry, shoes and accessories to do the same for the basic.

Whether it be a tee, tank, or pair of blue jeans, there are so many different ways you can wear the same piece and make it look like an entirely new outfit. For my outfit inspiration this week, I wore a basic t-shirt dress, and styled two very different ways to rock a not-so-basic look.

The key to style (and not being a basic bitch), is figuring out what makes an outfit uniquely you.

You’re your own canvas - be an original. 



Look 1: Keeping it Casual

Dressed In:

| Ray Ban Sunnies | Urban Outfitter Dress | Vans Sneaks | Denim Shirt Similar | Michael Kors Watch | H&M Purse Similar | Alex and Ani Om Necklace | 

Look 2:  Edgy-Glam

Dressed in:

Urban Outfitter Dress | Aldo Shootie | Leather Jacket Similar | Michael Kors Watch | H&M Purse Similar | Statement Necklace  Similar