"I think, therefore I am."

Welp. Today I did something I’ve been meaning to do for quite a while: start. this. blog.

I Think, Therefore I Dress, is my own personal twist on René Decartes’s proposition, “I think, therefore I am,” his philosophical theory that thinking of one’s existence, therefore, proves one exists. If thinking proves we exist, then the way we think must prove who we are as individuals. And the way we express who we individually are, is in how we dress and what we say.

I Think, Therefore I Dress is an inspirational fashion blog full of my personal style, expressed through clothing and words. Follow along for NYC inspired fashion, and beautiful uplifting words.



Dressed In:  

| Necessary Clothing Top | Gypsy Warrior Sunnies | Urban Outfitters Shorts (similar) |  Moto Boots (similar) | Finger Chain Bracelet (similar) |