Find Your Footing: Fall Footwear Favorites

Happy Monday, loves!

I hope you had a chance to look up at the sky last night and admire the supermoon. It was a little cloudy in NYC, but as the clouds shifted I was able to catch a glimpse of the moon's fiery glow. In astrology, lunar eclipses are believed to prompt growth, release, and new beginnings so I'm wishing you all seamless shifts and invigorating renewal! 

I read a tweet from a New York Times article last night where a NASA scientist said, "You're basically seeing all of the sunrises and sunsets across the world, all at once, being reflected off the surface of the moon." A beautiful reminder from Mother Nature of our planet's oneness. A beautiful reminder that no matter where you live, and no matter what you believe, we all live under the same moon, the same sun, the same stars.

This weekend really felt like fall made its entrance in the city with its cooler temps and crisp autumn air, so with the shift in season and shifts inspired by the supermoon, it's important we find our footing... literally. Because how is one supposed to navigate through transformations gracefully without a solid pair of shoes on their feet? So, to get us grounded and ready to go, I've listed my fall footwear favorites and where to find them in the links below. From platform boots and snakeskin booties, to pointed-toe ankle boots and cap-toe sneaks, to a killer pair of thigh-high boots, your girl has got you covered.

Love you all to the super blood moon and back!