Do You. Forget Them.

I'm finally back from my trip to Spain and feeling acclimated to real life again. I feel like it's been FOREVER since I wrote a blogpost! I have a post from my trip coming soon, packed with my favorite highlights and what I wore, but in the meanwhile I wanted to leave you with some thoughts and dress inspiration to kick off your week!

This month marked one year since I started my blog (July 2, 2014 to be exact!), and one month since I announced it and began actively promoting it. When I initially started I Think, Therefore I Dress, I wasn't concerned with sharing my posts. I always intended on sharing it eventually, but I wanted to get used to the platform, develop my voice and personality of the blog, and focus on building content before I began sharing it with people other than my close friends and family. 

At around the six month point, when it was clear all the aforementioned things were completed, my boyfriend began asking me when I thought I would release the blog into the world. I told him March. It would be eight months since I started blogging; 8 is my lucky number, and March is my birthday month - a perfect time for new beginnings I thought.

Welp. March came and went. So did April. So did May.

It is VERY unlike me not to hit a deadline, albeit self imposed, and even more unlike me to let that continue on for months afterward. The perfectionist in me is partly to blame, feeling as though there's always something more I could do to make it better, but the main culprit here was fear - fear of what other people would think. My heart and soul was typed into those posts and I have to admit, part of me was nervous about how something so personal to me would be received by others.

It might have taken me until June, but thankfully I got over it, tore off the band-aid, and hit the share button. I'm so happy I did. I was blown away by how much love and support people showed. It was really amazing. Since I shared it, I've received comments and e-mails from total strangers telling me how they relate to the blog, which is always my favorite response. It feels good to know that by sharing things personal to me, it makes another person feel connected and less alone.

The reason I wanted to share this story is because I know I'm not the only person who has experienced this. Yeah, we might want to tell ourselves we don't care what people think of us, but the truth is, the more important or personal something is to us, the more we care - and as we should! However, it makes me wonder how many people have something beautiful to share, but never do because of this reason. If I didn't have the right people in my corner, reassuring me that I was onto something and encouraging me to share my blog, who knows if I would have.

If there is something you've been wanting to do, but are holding back because you're afraid of what people will think, I encourage you to go for it. This is your life, so do something that excites you. Experience the joy of achieving what you yearn for. Jump! And be ready to fall. You might be pleasantly surprised where you land, and how many people are ready to catch you.

When it comes to fashion, I subscribe to the same theory: don't be afraid of what someone might think of you. If you like it, wear it - end of story. For my outfit inspiration this week I'm rocking my Topshop overalls and off the shoulder top. I feel like it's always such a struggle to find overalls that fit properly and I have to say, Topshop doesn't disappoint. I'm currently experiencing an off the shoulder obsession - all I've been buying and wearing lately are shirts that show off my shoulders, and the Wrap Back Bardot Top by Topshop is one of my new favorites. As for accessories, I'm wearing a bolo tie, from Forever 21, that I wrapped around to look more like a choker necklace, and for my sunnies, I'm wearing my new Illesteva glasses that I am IN LOVE with!

Do you. Forget them.



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