Birthdaze // 3.18

Today is my birthday. I was born exactly five minutes after St. Patrick's Day, on March 18th. My soul must have known then shamrock green wasn't going to be my color, but I digress.

Ah, birthdays. They're all fun and games when you're a kid because you have your whole life in front of you, and all your birthday means is parties, presents, and cake. When I was a little girl it felt like an eternity passed between each birthday, as I impatiently waited for the next year to come so I could turn another year older.

When I was four, I couldn't wait to turn five so I could be a "whole hand old". When I was nine, I couldn't wait to be ten so I could be double-digits, but once you're in the double-digits, you get curious about what it means to be a teenager, so the countdown to thirteen begins. Soon after, you really want to be a cool high school kid, so you begin counting down to fifteen, then sweet sixteen, seventeen, and eighteen.

Right around your eighteenth birthday, you might look back and realize you just finished the first chapter of your life - your childhood. You are now, technically, an adult. It might shock you how quickly it went, but you do still have "teen" tacked to the end of your age, which helps soften the blow, and let's face it, the most anticipated countdown thus far is on: Twenty. One.

Once you're finally twenty-one, and legal to do all of the things you've already been doing, shit starts getting real. You are about to graduate college and find yourself at the end of yet another chapter, only this time you're not entering adulthood. No. This time you're entering something much more serious: the proverbial "real world".

In the "real world" people hit milestones at all different times. Milestones are no longer based on a specific birthday. Instead, it is up to us to create the milestones, or significant moments, in our life.

Birthdays remind us to check-in. To reflect on what it is we're giving this world. What version of "I was here" are we stamping on the universe? Birthdays remind us we're alive. Birthdays remind us of time - that we're not forever. Birthdays remind us of change, of growth, of dreams, of who we are and who we still want to be. Most importantly, birthdays remind us life is to be celebrated.

Celebrate we will. Here's to another year ♡



Here I am at five (aka "a whole hand old"), with early onset hand-on-hip pose. Also, Mickey & Minnie were everything.